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Welcome IB Families

Welcome to Imperial Beach Charter School!
We are a TK through 8th grade school that believes in empowering our students to be critical thinkers and social-minded citizens.
Mission Statement
The Mission of Imperial Beach Charter School is to foster academic excellence that includes 21st Century skills. Students will develop critical thinking, technological fluency, community awareness, and diverse perspectives, all within a safe and nurturing learning environment.
We believe:
*That every student has the right to a safe campus and a respectful learning environment.
*That every student excels in rigorous and relevant core curriculum that reflects what students need to know and   demonstrate in a global 21st Century environment, including an appreciation of the arts, and competencies in the use of technology.
*That students learn best when provided a guaranteed and viable curriculum and multiple opportunities to master grade level standards.
*Students benefit from active parent involvement and a home-school partnership that promotes honesty, respect for cultural differences, responsible citizenship, and individual accountability.
*That students must learn habits of the mind that will lead them to become effective problem solvers, flexible thinkers, and self-directed learners.
*That daily use of technology, to access and demonstrate new knowledge and skills that will be needed as a life-long learner, will support students to be competitive in a constantly changing international environment.

It is the goal of Imperial Beach Charter that all students develop the 21st Century Skills needed to be successful in the global market.
*“To be productive contributors to society in our 21st Century, you need to be able to quickly learn the core content of a field of knowledge while also mastering a broad portfolio of essentials in learning, innovation, technology, and career skills needed for work and life.”        -Trilling & Fadel 2009
21st Century Themes Include:
*Thinking critically and making judgments
*Solving complex multi-disciplinary open ended problems
*Creativity and entrepreneurial thinking
*Communication and collaborating
*Making innovative use of knowledge, information, and opportunities
*Taking charge of financial, health, and civic responsibilities

Recent News

Where Is My Teacher? Event

Who Is My Teacher?

Who Is My Teacher? Event Date: 7/22/2024, 11 AM – 2 PM Location: 650 Imperial Beach Blvd. Imperial Imperial Beach Charter, Playground A (Near the main entrance of the school)

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting

Time: 6 PM – 8 PM
Location: (Burress Auditorium (601 Elm Avenue) Livestream: